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Retrospective Exhibition

November 20, 2011

Steven Zarbatany, President of MTII Miami, Fl. Patron of the Arts

On April 1, 2011  Steven hosted a retrospective exhibition of my paintings from 1980 – 2006  (the year I closed my warehouse studio).  The exhibition included more than 150 works.   It was a great night which was captured in a 38 minute video, from which the short clip on this page is taken.

Family, friends, and fellow artists visited to view and discuss the paintings in the several years the works were exhibited and also on the opening evening of the Retrospective Exhibition.

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I would like to thank Judge Jeri Cohen for her support of my work over the many years I have known her, and artists’ representative, Barbara Gillman of the Barbara Gillman Gallery who has placed my work in many fine collections.  Much work is still on view and may be seen by appointment.

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  1. oh i just love the red and blue triangle piece!

  2. This is very clever and speaks to your immense talent.

  3. Juan Hincapie permalink

    Now your blog is out there for the world to see… Congrats!

  4. jeri b cohen permalink


    after all these years, your work is still so powerful and speaks to me in a very immediate way. It’s enduring. I just love love the work. I’m so glad that steven and I could be instrumental in your retrospective.

  5. I loved looking at your show again and re-visiting all your wonderful paintings. They look great and it is a joy to see them.

    • Thanks for reading my blog (I don’t post often). However, so far I have had 690 hits. I really didn’t think anyone was reading me. I’m flabbergasted. jp

  6. Gloria Pierce permalink

    As always, your work is my favorite. I recently came across a small copy of a piece that must have been in a card, and I just stood there and smiled. I love your work – always have.
    Gloria Pierce

  7. Mariette Soykan permalink

    Hi Janet, we know each other for 40 years now and it is a JOY to see how you have created so much beauty with your paintings. You have a unique gift and you are nurtured it and let it grow to its full dimension! Love you and see you soon! Mariette

  8. Your artistic eye shows in each of your paintings and in the way you’ve presented them as an installation. It makes me think about famous collectors such as Isabelle Gardner and Albert Barnes who used their aesthetic sense to group paintings so that the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

  9. Mustafa Soykan permalink

    Hi Janet, As usual your talent speaks when presented “comme il faut”.. Take care & cheers

    • Thank you for your comment. My most current blogpost, and the one I am most interested that Mariette view, is “Painting with Abandon”. It seems to be too much text for non-artists to read, however, and also people have made the mistake of thinking that the post is merely about the illustrations. I am a painter who is writing, and I am told that it is not as reader friendly for non-artists who are used to reading what a professional writer writes. I don’t plan to change topics or style because if one scrolls to the bottom of that particular post, the reason I was chosen to be included in the Smithsonian Archives of Artist’s Writings is just because I do write like an artist and address specific concerns of artists.
      I wouldn’t last very long in reading the philosophy of an electrical engineer, for instance, so I totally understand general disinterest because of being unfamiliar with the discipline. I understand my writing and intention is oblique to most people. This doesn’t hurt my feelings at all. I would much prefer a comment saying “I don’t understand a darned thing you are saying”, than one which contains a compliment which I may or may not deserve. If you could help Mariette through the technical part of participating, I would greatly appreciate it. She did leave a comment on the post I published in 2013. Thank you in advance for your time. I send this with affection to you both, my true friends.

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